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Sunday, March 27, 2011

World Cup Cricket Match Live Streaming Sri Lanka New Zealand

Watch World Cup Cricket Match Live Streaming 

Cricket on beats

Watching a lively cricket match in cool breeze of sea with the thumping of Drums and noise of trumpets with every ball touching the boundary or hitting the stumps,

This is a scenario of a cricket match in West Indies.

The high spirit about the sports, living and enjoying every moment of match without any stress or tension of the home team loosing or winning just celebrating every bit of it this is the definition of Cricket in Caribbean by many Renowned Indian and international cricket players.

West Indies is the name given to the team representing a group of cricket playing islands.
Cricket reached Caribbean with the Britishers on their mission of expanding the territory.

The African slaves brought with them learned it while watching them.

In earlier days the West Indies Cricket team consisted mostly the White players. Slowly black people were also allowed to play in the team.

The name of this side first appeared in 1890s when they visited England.

This team received international Test playing status in 1928 and was the fourth team to play Test match.

West Indies Team dominated the Cricket for many decades and it appeared Britishers designed and developed this game for Caribbean only. There were legends like Sir Vivian Richards, Gary Sobers and Players like Brain Lara who made it tough for Tendulkar to rise high in ladder of records.

Before the Australians won the World Cup second time in 2003. West Indies was the only team who had the accolade of winning World cup twice in a row.
If we look at West Indies Cricket team we see a band of tall and healthy Negro gentleman who can convert a six in a caught out just by raising the hands or jumping a little high.

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