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Sunday, March 27, 2011

World Cup Cricket Match Live Streaming India vs Pakistan

World Cup Cricket Match Live Streaming 
As we all know that before 14 Aug 1947 India and Pakistan were one nation under British rule.

Just like India, Pakistan also inherited cricket from Britishers there are records of people playing cricket in Western Side of India before Independence.  Post Independence cricket grew in Pakistan slowly and steadily.
Pakistan received test status in 1952 and the team played its first ever test match in Delhi against India.

Sharing the same cultural and historical background like India the craziness about cricket as a game is similar on both sides of border.

Cricket Match between these two countries were many a times like were wars.
The loosing side was highly criticized and condemned in its respective country.
Pakistan Cricket team today enjoys both test and one day play playing nation.

Achievements of this team are as follows.

1. World Cup champions of the year 1992

2. Current Twenty-Twenty world champions (won in 2009)

Pakistan has produced many eminent Cricketers like Imran Khan under whose captaincy they became world champions.

Javed Miandad who had hit Six sixes in last over in a cricket match against India.

Inzmam ul haq, Saeed Anwar, Waqar Younis and the Fastest Bowler Shoaib Akhtar.

If India has a plus point of spin bowling. Pakistan team is armored with their squad of Fast Bowlers.

This team has a few black marks also on its collar and cuffs.

Recently Shahid Afridi has been found tampering the ball.

Inzmam Ul Haq beated a viewer with bat in Canada.

Shoaib Akhtar once slapped the coach for changing music.

And the king of all controversies was the death of the Coach Bob Woolmer in Jamaica just after the elimination of Pakistan cricket Team from the tournament.

It can be said Pakistan cricket tam goes hand in hand with controversies.

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