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Sunday, March 27, 2011

World Cup Cricket Final Match Live Streaming Online Link Video

 World Cup Cricket Final Match Live Streaming

What an irony of fate the game which originated and developed in England doesn’t enjoys the title of National Game of England.

Here I am talking about Cricket.

Many years ago when English shepherds roamed into the pastures with their cattle they developed a game to pass their time. They used wooden planks and other similar articles in place of bat and stools or chairs were used in places of Stumps. Slowly cricket evolved to its present face. The cricket of shepherds was mainly like a five days test match.
With the expansion of British empire Cricket reached to British Colonies like India, Australia and other African Countries etc.

Cricket was looked upon in England as a game of gentleman therefore the players were considered well mannered and good men.

To encourage the game more local cricket clubs were established popularly known as Cricket counties. Elite players from these counties were selected to play against teams of other countries like Australia in Ashes test Series.

English cricket no doubt had a very good time up to early 90s. In 80s were players like Robin Smith and Allan Lamb. English Cricket Team dominated tournaments and for any player playing county Cricket in England was an honor. Lords used to be Mecca of Cricket as it was also the head office of ICC.

With the passing of time English cricket lost its heights. Team was not able to Qualify even for semifinals of the tournaments. With downfall of cricket youth of England diverted to Soccer Football the national game of England. Members in Cricket team started loosing counts and football teams started gaining them.

David Beckham became a star and icon of British youth. ICC shifted its head office to Dubai from Lords.

English cricket Board sensed the future and implemented few changes so that cricket may again regain its popularity in England. Lets see what happens next.   

World Cup Cricket Match Live Streaming 

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