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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Madras University MSc Sustainable Development for Urban Environments

Madras University 
M.Sc. Sustainable Development for Urban Environments 
(Joint Award with Staffordshire University, UK) 

Programme Outcomes

At Masters level, there is only one level of attainment with intermediate awards (Certificate, Diploma) contributing towards the achievements of some of the outcomes of the Masters degree.  Taken over three years on a part-time basis, the students pursue the 180 credit Masters award.  There are some outcomes that are obtained all the way through the award, and others e.g. problem solving, which are concentrated at the masters research stage.

The awards provide opportunities for students to achieve and demonstrate University’s specific eight key learning outcomes.  These are presented on the following pages: (i) identifying specific level outcomes at postgraduate certificate, diploma and masters awards  (ii) linking the generic outcomes to specific module outcomes. 

These outcome statements have been devised with reference to the National Qualifications Framework Level Descriptors, the ‘Staffordshire University Award Outcomes: Interpreting the NQF’ document, and the specific University guidance document, ‘The specification of learning outcomes – some notes for u/g/ & p/g practitioners’ (2003).  Currently, there are no recognised external benchmarking statements which could provide a broader context for this exposition.

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