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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Web Hosting Services - Information

Web Hosting - Introduction 

Web Hosting services help companies, individuals or institutions to host their web pages that can be accessed in any part of world through internet. Web hosting companies help companies to host the web pages of customers on the server. The space on server are rented or sometimes even given for free to host the web sites. The web sites hosted can be a simple web page or even it can be complex web site with range of applications that need huge resources. The servers are either stored in the premises of companies that own web sites or they are stored in server farms.

Blogs, personal and small web sites normally require one web page and are most of the times provided for free. Where as corporate websites are costly. Sometimes the web sites need to be connected to a database like Oracle. The websites are made through various scripting languages like Java, .Net, PHP etc. Due to developments in scripting and coding it has become very easy to update and maintain websites. The quality of Web Hosting can be determined by the response the server gives in retrieving the site and the speed with which it does so. Web hosting can be of many types. Broadly it is divided into two types Shared Web Hosting and Dedicated Web Hosting. In Shared Web Hosting a single servers hosts web sites and web pages of many companies. The space in the server is rented even to host applications. Usually this service is availed by companies that don’t want to spend lots of money in big infrastructure or companies whose needs are very limited. In Dedicated Web Hosting a single server hosts web site and application of only one customer or company. The Dedicated Web Hosting services are costlier than shared services. Because no other applications are hosted on dedicated web server, it is more secure, fast and reliable.

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