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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reseller Web Hosting - Information

Reseller Web Hosting 

The technological advancements in today’s world are experiencing deluge of new ideas and concepts which were not in existence till few years back. Cloud Computing is one of the new ideas that is been experimented in IT fraternities. In Cloud Computing a service provider can rent out its excess space in Hard Disk which can be utilized by companies that cannot invest in new servers or can maintain the infrastructure. Its not just space in hard disk but new start ups can host their websites and applications on rented server and can access it from remote client through net connection. Cloud Computing is a boon for many small companies with limited budget and low resources. Due to high bandwidth availability in many parts of the world Cloud Computing is growing at a fast pace. 

As a result of spread of Cloud Computing, Reseller Web Hosting has emerged as a new business model. A Web Host Reseller liaises between hosting company and third party software companies. A Reseller rents a dedicated server from hosting company and sells the space to third party software companies. The reseller then configures the system to suit to the client requirements. All the issues regarding security, disaster management, back up and timely updates are taken care by the reseller. Small companies, bloggers or site owners pay a small monthly amount to get dedicated space in server. New start ups and companies that don’t have advance estimate of their future usage usually select different service plans to suit their requirements.

Currently lots of consolidation is seen in the business of Reseller Web Hosting with competitors competing on basis of better services, more add ons and advertising. Due to high competition in ITES sector and more efforts to cut costs will make Reseller Web Hosting as most lucrative business of future. Computers of future due to wide spread use of cloud computing will end up being “thin clients”.

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