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Friday, March 19, 2010

Top Pizza companies in India

Top Pizza companies in India

In this fast running life every individual has got addicted to fast food, obviously an individual has got so busy that he/she can’t have bite of food at home. So most of the fast food companies have come up with some fast food item which can provide an individual a hungry bite while travelling by getting into any fast food restaurant. This fast food culture travelled from foreign countries and now has established in India with number of companies opening its base in India.

There are some Pizza companies in India which has got some good response from public, especially from young individuals. Some of the Pizza companies which are established in India are:

•    Domino’s Pizza
•    Papa Jones Pizza
•    Pizza Hut
•    Pizza Corner

Pizza Corner India Pvt Ltd: This Company was created by Global Franchise Architect (GFA). Its first corner was in Chennai. It has the reputation of delivering the Hot and Delicious Pizza within 39 minute after call and if not delivered at given time, Pizza is offered for free.

Pizza Hut: 
This U.S based fast food giant has entered with 30 outlets across India and gaining its popularity with its increasing outlets in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and few more where western culture has its base. Pizza Hut has gained No 1 spot in Indian beverage brand list with its 124 restaurants in 32 cities across India.

Domino’s Pizza: This fast food company incorated in 1995 in India, under the name of Domino’s India Pvt Ltd. It has also the reputation of delivering Pizza within 30 minutes or else free. Currently it has 274 stores in India across 56 cities. It is one of the largest growing Pizza chain.

Papa Jone’s Pizza:  This store opened its first India outlet in Indore on June 13 2006. Now it has planned to open more than 1 store across India.

The Pizza Company which is set to enter in India with its unique and exciting outlets with the assistance of Franchise India International. This chain is widely famous in Thailand as the largest food operator.

Best Pizza companies in India

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